Prayer & Outreach Ministries


The Prayer Ministry is intended to assist in developing the foundation and in furthering the vision of the ministry by training and equipping the church family in various forms and techniques of prayer. As such, the Prayer Ministry programming includes, but is not limited to the following:

We invite you to join us every Monday, for our 6:00 a.m., Prayer Line hosted by our First Lady, Ann Sanders.  Dial-in-Number:  712.432.1500 Access Code: 101997#



In this setting, the needs of the ministry, leadership, and general membership are presented before God. This night is two-fold in operation: personal prayer and ministry, and corporate prayer. This setting also serves as a vehicle for mentoring and training additional intercessors and prayer warriors by offering opportunities to perform brief teaching, lead prayer, and assist in the development of programming. On a regular basis, the Prayer Ministry sponsors and takes part in training that is open to the entire congregation and city. Regularly scheduled special Church School classes, workshop/seminars, and conferences are held in order to equip and mature the body of Christ in prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare.



In this setting, the needs of the ministry, leadership, and general membership are presented before God.



From time to time, the Prayer Ministry facilitates and/or takes part in special ministry events with the intent of providing fortitude and support. The Prayer Ministry plays a role in organizing the New Year's Eve Prayer Watch, sponsors ministry-inclusive times of prayer, and provides a spiritual covering for other ministry departments and their endeavors.

Minister Margie Hartman, Chief Intercessor
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Ella Owens Day Mission 

The purpose of the Ella Owens Day Mission includes visiting the sick and elderly, ministering in the area of meeting needs, increasing in the knowledge and wisdom of the word of God, and to have at least 3 or 4 services a year to raise funds for Project Hope. It also includes developing a better prayer life, sharing and ministering to one another, encouraging spiritual growth by studying God's word and being obedient to what it says, showing love and respect for one another. We also have at least one fellowship gathering a year, and always esteem others higher than our-selves. Our vision includes fulfilling the work of God through mission work, Helping to meet the needs of the sick, hungry and the less fortunate, recruiting other ministry workers, visiting nursing homes, ministering to the unsaved; visiting and ministering to the sick who are home (if allowed); cheering people up with get well cards and calls, and maintaining Project Hope.

Mother Jollie Fields, President


The purpose of the Evangelist/Outreach Ministry is to share Christ, seeking the opportunity to minister to the unsaved and the backsliders seizing opportunities to win souls.

Elder Willie Mae Bacon, Director

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